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Featured Review AstroToad70 overwatch confirmed review Verified

Highly recommend and quick as well Support is also very friendly and can communicate in English very well

CSGO Boosters Team

Working for ya mate! Thank a lot!

Featured Review NeXuS overwatch confirmed review Verified

Very friendly and professional Player. If i ever want to get boosted -> only by him. Thanks acKo.- !!

CSGO Boosters Team

your feedback means a lot for us, thanks!

Featured Review BadGamer overwatch confirmed review Verified

This guy is great and i swear he doesn't sleep lol played for like 22 hours with him in a duo :)

CSGO Boosters Team

Thanks for review! You can always choose your booster with the option on site :)

Featured Review SesseR4N1T overwatch confirmed review Verified

Very good, the booster is efficient, friendly and gives advice about game when asked questions.

CSGO Boosters Team

Glad to hear that, many thanks!

Featured Review FearlessPlayer overwatch confirmed review Verified

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Leistung des Boosters. Auch in einer angemessenen kurzen zeit.

CSGO Boosters Team

Thank you! :P