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CSGO Boosters Service FAQ

Need clarity on CS2 Boosting? Discover answers on CS 2 rank boost time, our refund approach, and post-payment details.

Main questions
csgo boosting questions

What's next after I buy?

ight after your purchase, you'll be guided back to our website. Here, you'll undergo a straightforward registration for our service. Once done, your order gets logged into our database and one of our CS:GO professionals will begin working on it.

csgo boosting questions

Who's in charge of boosting my rank?

A player with a validated global elite rank will boost your account. Rest assured, our boosters are seasoned professionals, friendly in nature, having successfully completed numerous orders. They are well-equipped with the expertise required.

csgo boosting questions

What's your approach towards refunds?

Your satisfaction is vital. If you request a refund before we start the boosting process, we'll ensure a full refund. If the boost has already begun, we can discuss and offer a partial refund tailored to your situation.

csgo boosting questions

Is there any risk of my account getting banned?

Up until now, we haven't encountered any bans related to our boosting services. We're optimistic this track record will continue.

Common questions
csgo boosting questions

How much time does a rank boost usually require?

To get an approximate completion time, simply select your current and desired premier ranks on our prices page. Our calculator will display the estimated completion time. However, the speed is contingent on your Premier points gained per win.

csgo boosting questions

Can I use my account while the boosting process is ongoing?

Absolutely, you can. However, it's essential to avoid playing ranked matches. Feel free to engage in other game modes. Do ensure the booster isn't active on your account when you decide to play.

csgo boosting questions

How can I reach out for assistance?

Our dedicated support team is operational daily. Whether it's through Facebook Messenger or the email form available on our contact page, we're here to assist.

csgo boosting questions

What if the booster isn't meeting my expectations?

Your satisfaction is our priority. Should you find any issues with your booster, let us know. We're more than willing to assign a different professional to cater to your needs.

csgo boosting questions

On which platforms do you offer services?

Our boosting services extend to platforms like Steam and FaceIt.

csgo boosting questions

Can I communicate with friends while my account is being boosted?

Certainly! If you wish to relay messages to your friends, the booster can assist. They understand such requests and are committed to fulfilling them.


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