CSGO Boosters FAQ | Top 10 Questions about CSGO-Boosters.com

CSGO Boosters Service FAQ

We answer the most popular questions among our customers about CSGO Boosters service. How long the boost will take, refund policy and what happens after payment

Main questions
csgo boosting questions

What should I expect after purchase?

Immediately after the purchase, you will be redirected back to our website, where you will expect a quick registration process on our service. After which your order will go to our database where it will be taken and executed by one of our cs go Pro!

csgo boosting questions

Who will boost my rank?

Your account will be boosted by a global elite player with the rank we verified. Our boosters are experienced and friendly professionals who have completed more than one order and know what to do.

csgo boosting questions

How do you work with refunds?

We guarantee that you will receive a full refund if you ask for it before the order has been started. If boosting has already been started, then we are always ready to calculate a partial refund for you.

csgo boosting questions

Is it possible that my account may be banned?

So far, we have not seen cases of ban for boosting. We hope that everything will remain so.

Common questions
csgo boosting questions

How long does rank boost take?

It all depends on the hidden MMR rating of your account. Some accounts receive a promotion for 2-3 consecutive wins, others may not receive after 10. Nevertheless, we try to work as fast as possible and begin to release in the first minutes after receiving the order.

csgo boosting questions

Is it possible for me to play on my account while the boost is not over yet?

Yes it’s possible, but you can’t play ranked games. All other game modes are available. Just make sure that at the moment the booster is not playing on your account.

csgo boosting questions

I need support help. How can I contact you?

Our support works daily. You can always leave your request via Facebook messenger as well as an e-mail form on the site in the contacts tab.

csgo boosting questions

What if I'm not happy with my booster?

We will be happy to help you and change your booster in case of any problems. Please do not hesitate to write to us if, in your opinion, the booster did something wrong.

csgo boosting questions

What platforms do you run on?

We boost ranks on Steam, FaceIt and ESEA.

csgo boosting questions

I would like to chat with my friends during the boost, is this possible?

Yes of course. You can send your messages through the booster. He is aware of the possibility of such a request and will fulfill it.


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